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A.Must be in present tense
1.In which book (do, does, is, are) characters form a society that mirrors human society?
2.In which book does a singing family travel in an old school bus?-The Glory Girl
3.In which book are the character forced to use cocain for a good cause?-Number the stars
4.In which book does the character learn to deal with the death of a friend?-Bridge to teribithia

B.Content of a question
1.Do not use key words from the title in the question.
2.Do not use charcters names in the question.
3.Do not use question that can be answered by more than one title
4.10 Questions/5 per card

C.In general:
1.3x5 index card
2.May use colors
3.Must use ink(no cross outs!!)blue/black
5.questions must make sense.

1.Media Center on Monday-2 weeks to read books, cards due that Wed.
2.*due every other Wed.

E.Goals(why do this anyway?)
1.outside reading program
2.create good questions and make the 6 person Battle Book Team!!

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